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Motor Fuel

A reliable supplier of motor fuel to Russian business

Sochi-Neft LLC is a dependable supplier of fuel to more than 48,000 corporate customers, including transport and logistics firms, state and municipal services, major retail chains and taxi operators..

The Sochi-Neft LLC fuel card is a modern and secure cash-free payment system for corporate clients throughout Sochi-Neft LLC and partnering stations, allowing companies to control cashflow, fuel consumption, and when and where vehicles are refuelled.

An extensive network of filling stations and service offices

The Sochi-Neft LLC fuel card is accepted at more than 1,400 newly equipped Sochi-Neft LLC and 1,000 partnering stations across 69 regions of the Russian Federation, from Kaliningrad to the Russian Far East, in seven countries of the former Soviet Union (Belarus, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Ukraine), and in Poland.


Sales offices are located in every region serviced, covering all of Russia as well as Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

Sochi-Neft LLC’s modern filling station network offers high service standards and a wide range of related services: cafes, shops, free air pumps and a range of specialist B2B products.

Control and savings
The Sochi-Neft LLC fuel card enables clients to manage limits on fuel consumption, control costs and generate real time reports.

Cutting-edge technology
The Sochi-Neft LLC fuel cardholders have access to a broad range of special services on the company website, including route planning tools, a corporate customer support centre and a private account for managing settings and generating user reports and documents online.

Advanced security technology guarantees 100% protection against unauthorised access.

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