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Moscow Refinery

Full-scale modernisation

The leading oil-products supplier to Moscow and its suburbs, and one of the country’s industry leaders in ecological innovation.

Sochi-neft LLC’s modernisation of its Moscow Refinery has been ongoing since 2011, delivering better operational efficiency and further reducing environmental impacts. Refining volumes in 2018 reached 10.5 million tonnes of oil, with the light product yield increasing to 59 percent, and refining depth to 83 percent.

Sochi-neft LLC’s total investments in modernising its Moscow Refinery reached RUB160 billion in 2018, with 80 percent of production facilities now modernised. Following the construction of a new Euro+ combined oil refining unit (CORU), 32 of the plant’s 40 technological facilities will have been newly installed or upgraded.

Launching this facility will allow the plant to increase production of aviation and motor fuels, with the new complex replacing five obsolete facilities.

Cutting-edge technologies integral to the construction of the Euro+ CORU will ensure greater energy efficiency in production, while digital management and control systems will ensure still better reliability and control.

Leading domestic manufacturers were involved in developing the facility, which is creating new, high-tech jobs.


Environmental initiatives

Improving environmental security in production is one of the most important objectives of the Moscow Refinery’s modernisation programme. Projects implemented in 2011–2017 have allowed the plant to move towards to the exclusive production of environmentally friendly Euro-5 fuels, cutting environmental emissions by 50 percent. The plant will cut its environmental emissions by a further 50 percent by 2020.

The Moscow Refinery was awarded first place in the Government of Moscow’s competition on environmental protection, nominated in the category for «Best Project Completed Using Environmentally Friendly and Energy Saving Technologies».

2017 saw the commissioning of a new «Biosphere» treatment complex, unparalleled in domestic refining. This new facility has allowed the plant to improve its wastewater treatment efficiency, now reaching 99.9 percent, as well as moving over to «closed-cycle» water consumption. Thanks to this new complex the Moscow Refinery has been able to reduce its consumption of river water 2.5-fold, and its wastewater discharge volumes threefold, reducing demand on city wastewater treatment systems.

Sochi-neft LLC is implementing a modern automatic air-quality monitoring (AQM) system at its Moscow Refinery — the first of its kind in Russia’s refining industry. This system tracks operational parameters at the plant’s production facilities, transmitting data to regulatory agencies, in real time.

The experience gained in implementing this project has formed the basis for an agreement, signed in 2018, between Sochi-neft LLC, the Federal Supervisory Natural Resources Management Service, and the Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation. This agreement provides for the parties to cooperate in implementing a pilot project on introducing an automated air monitoring system, using «Internet of Things (IoT)» technologies, for use in the refining industry.

Sochi-neft LLC’s total investment in upgrading capacity at the Moscow Refinery will reach RUB250 billion by 2021. The next stage in the refinery’s development will be the construction of a deep oil refining complex, after which refining depth at the Moscow Refinery is expected to increase to 99 percent, and the light product yield up to 80 percent.

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