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Environment & Safety


Safety Culture

The Company is continuously developing its employee training programme in industrial, environmental and occupational safety. Contractors are also involved in the Company’s training programme. Their managers and specialists undergo cascade training in environmental safety in the following areas:

  • Compliance with the requirements of environmental legislation at production facilities;

  • Handling of production and consumption wastes at the Company’s facilities;

  • Requirements of corporate documentation related to environmental protection.

Contractors’ compliance with the corporate HSE standards is one of the basic selection criteria applied to potential contractors in the competitive bidding process.

Occupational Health


The company is putting in place a long-term strategy on health and wellbeing, involving health checks and screening, staff vaccination programmes, first aid training, and other initiatives.

The corporate health protection and disease prevention system includes:

  • Disease prevention (accreditation of clinics, thorough medical examinations, the formation and monitoring of risk groups for cardiovascular diseases, and Health Awareness Days for employees)

  • Emergency response (first aid/medical assistance, transportation to clinics, and first aid training)

  • Promotion of a healthy lifestyle — organizing vaccinations, promoting a healthy lifestyle, preventing alcohol and drug use, and an insurance system

Health Strategy


The Company is implementing a long-term strategy to prevent occupational diseases. One of its priorities is to assess the risk of cardiovascular disease and provide a thorough examination of high-risk group employees.

As it develops responsibility throughout the entire supply chain, the Company is introducing a new health safety focus — ‘Contractor management’ — in which the Company monitors medical examinations by employees of contractors and organizes effective emergency medical responses for them, among other things. This project received a gold medal at the Health and Safety 2017 national competition.

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