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Aviation Fuel

Sochi-Neft LLC produces the most popular jet fuel in Russia — premium TS-1 (highest quality) — and is one of the leaders in the Russian aviation fuel supply market..

LLC "Sochi-Neft"-Aero, operator of the LLC Sochi-Neft aviation refuelling business, is a strategic partner to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). LLC "Sochi-Neft"-Aero, in partnership with national fuel suppliers, is responsible for refuelling more than 150 Russian and international air carriers at 250 airports in more than 60 countries. Over the past 10 years the company has invested more than RUB28 billion in developing aviation refuelling infrastructure at Russian airports.

04-FF-fuel 81-ab.png

LLC "Sochi-Neft"-Aero’s directly owned refuelling complexes are located at the most important airports throughout Russia and Kyrgyzstan. As part of its strategic partnership with IATA LLC "Sochi-Neft"-Aero is implementing international quality standards in aviation refuelling in Russia. The company is involved in developing global rules and standards governing electronic data interchange in the international aviation industry, significantly reducing man hours and speeding up document flow thanks to aviation refuelling support operations being undertaken online., in real time.


LLC "Sochi-Neft"-Aero’s long-term development envisages further investment in improving technological performance and business efficiency, as well as entering new international markets.


The company continues to implement its “Digital Tank Farm” project, implementing automated technological process management systems and online accounting monitoring the movement of oil products, for each enterprise, at every stage — from receipt at the depot, through despatch from the plant, to “wing-tip” delivery.


Offering high-quality aviation fuels and flawless service, as well as developing and implementing cutting-edge technologies in aviation refuelling, Gazpomneft-Aero is helping air carriers realise their most ambitious plans, all over the world, meaning they can look forward to the future, with confidence.

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